Committee 2020

Our small, but hardworking crew are committed to creating opportunities for art-lovers from Emerald and the surrounding areas. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Russell Simpson (President)
Mandi Keck (Vice President)
Robyn Kamoda (Treasurer)
Kay Frith (Membership Secretary)

General Committee Members:

Lindsay Dyer
Lee Goller
Steve Kennewell


About Membership

Membership Aims:

Emerald Arts Society welcomes the spectrum of members, from professional Artists to people who just want to ‘have a go’ at something.

Life Class participants at Emerald Arts Society
Life Class participants at Emerald Arts Society

Our tutorials and workshops reflect the varied level of talent and competence, that is the rich fabric of the membership.

We are a community organisation with a democratic constitution. The intrinsic value of the Emerald Arts Society to the Cardinia Community is in its continuing longevity. The experience and outcomes the Society provides are varied, based on personal requirement and how the individual chooses to interact with the Society’s programme offerings.

We provide opportunity for study and consultation with professional and experienced artists whose advice can be invaluable to those wishing to pursue their interest in art.

Some of our Members are more focused on the social aspects of a cuppa with friends at a tutorial,  on a field trip or wine and cheese during the Annual Emerald Art Show  … YES … we are a group that embraces the finer things of life – and a varied experience is valued and promoted for the good of all members.

In leading the Cardinia Community in Fine Artistic pursuits for over  40 years, we are looking forward to the future – the next 40 years of contributing towards our National identity.


Member Benefits: 

*A quarterly newsletter providing art news, details of classes and workshops and information to keep you up to date with what is happening in the Society.
*A membership card that entitles you to discounts at certain framing and art suppliers.
*Weekend workshops and demonstrations by well known artists at discount prices.
*Weekly classes that provide tuition in a variety of mediums.
*Additional art activities without tuition include regular Life drawing and Open Studio sessions, paint outs, social events and excursions.

Come along and see an activity in progress, have a chat and see some of our members at work. Just let us know you’d like to drop in (see contact numbers and our email address in the “Contact Us” section).


Downloadable membership form: EAS Membership Form 2022

View the rules that govern the Emerald Arts Society: Emerald Arts Society Inc. Rules – Effective, October 2013


Our History

History of the Emerald Arts Society

Emerald more than any other ward in the Shire of Cardinia, has a long and established history of artistic and cultural community involvement. Many famous Australian artists and writers, poets, musicians and crafts persons have lived in the hills since the 1800’s and have contributed and continue to contribute towards our National identity.

Emerald Arts Society was formed in 1969. It flourished, becoming the artistic hub of the town during the 70s and 80s. Classes were held all over the town until EAS was able to move into its own studio in 1984 (corner Church and Anne Streets, Emerald). This was due mainly to monies raised by EAS at their annual exhibitions and at the monthly markets together with assistance from Sherbrooke Council. Classes in those days included a huge variety of “arts”, such as macrame, upholstery, breadmaking, aerobics, rattan restoration, folk music, classical music, drama, woodwork, guitar-playing, pottery, sewing, creative writing and of course the visual arts. This is the reason that we are known as an “arts” society rather than an “art” society.

View the rules that govern the Emerald Arts Society:  
Emerald Arts Society Inc. Rules – Effective, October 2013