2021 — Best In Show

Karen Bloomfield – The Big Wet

© Karen
Category: Oils & acrylics


This artwork is: For Sale


Title: The Big Wet

Artist: Karen Bloomfield

Size: 100 x 100 (cm)

Medium: Oil/Acrylic

Judge’s comments: “The most arresting artwork in the adult category.  This may appear abstract, but it is a simplified example of a classic painting i.e. strong use of diagonal, foreground strong contrasts fade to the distance, variation in size of strokes to suggest distance, recognisable forms in the speed sign and perhaps motorcyclist, reflections of a wet surface.  Companion piece “Wet Weather Shuffle” indicates the artist can work just as successfully with a soft palette of colours.  Both use rain as a source of softening of shapes and reflection of surfaces.”

Artwork Framed: No