Sumi-e Japanese Ink Painting

In this workshop with Junko Azukawa, you will prepare your own ink then learn to make and use different sumi ink tones and brush techniques to create traditional Japanese Sumi ink painting on Washi paper made from the mulberry tree.

Sumi-e Japanese Ink Painting by Junko Azukawa

You will learn to feel and capture the meaning of objects from nature with your interpretation then you will express the objects variously with the brush pressure, rhythm, tones and confidence in your strokes. You’ll not only learn brush stroke technique but also experience the whole process and understand yourself through your work.

DATE: Saturday 8th June 2019
TIME: 10.30 am – 1.30 pm
LOCATION: EAS Studio, Cnr Church & Anne Sts
COST: $60 Members; $95 Non-members, (includes membership for 2019)
PAYMENT: Direct debit to EAS, CBA BSB: 063842, ACCT: 10036074, REF: your name
PROVIDED: Morning and afternoon tea/coffee, rice paper, ink and brushes.
BRING: Own materials if you wish
SKILLS: All levels, open to beginners


Junko Azukawa grew up in the Toyama region of Japan at the base of the central Japanese Alps. She started learning traditional Japanese calligraphy at the age of 5 and has experienced the vast possibilities that calligraphy and Japanese ink painting (Sumie) can express with just simple monotone brush strokes. Since becoming a resident of Melbourne she has brought her unique artistic talent and outlook to the Australian Art scene.


Gouache Painting — 4th May 2019

Miniature Flower Study — Gouache Painting — Workshop with artist Jo Reitze.
The session will give participants experience working in gouache (opaque watercolour) sometimes referred to as designer colour.

Gouache Painting by Jo Reitze
Gouache Painting by Jo Reitze

This is a forgiving medium and relies less on accidental effects than traditional watercolour. It is an ideal medium for travelling. The strong tonal contrasts of oil can be achieved without the mess as it is water-based. A post card sized flower study will be completed in the session.

Materials list will be supplied to you prior to the workshop.

Jo is an accomplished oil and gouache teacher who has recently been shortlisted for the Eastbourne Prize and a Fellow of the Victorian Artists Society and president of the Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors. She coordinated art at Canterbury girls for twenty years. Once she retired she started the “Paint Your Garden” project. You can look at to find out more about her accomplishments.


DATE: Saturday 4th MAY 2019

TIME: 10am – 4pm

LOCATION: EAS Studio, Cnr Church & Anne Sts

COST: $60 Members or $95 Non-members (which includes 2019 membership)

PROVIDED: Morning & Afternoon tea

BRING: Your lunch, paints and brushes

SKILLS: All levels, open to beginners

or phone GINA on 0400 598 059


Chinese Brush Painting

Learn the unique art of Chinese Brushpainting.
Discover brush strokes and techniques water,ink and colours on Xuan paper.
Brush Painting tradition is concerned with transporting the painter and viewer to a
peaceful place, hence its emphasis on flowers, trees, insects, small animals and other things
that signify nature.
A Chinese brush painting is never symmetrical;the negative space is a deliberate and
important consideration in the composition. There are multiple focal points and several
small focal elements to surprise and delight the viewer who comtemplates a work.
More Details:
SUN 31st MARCH 2019
TIME: 10am–1pm
LOCATION: EAS Studio, Cnr Church & Anne Sts
COST: $60 Membrs; $95 Non-members
PROVIDED: Materials, morning tea
BRING: Own lunch, sketches, photographs or
SKILLS: Open to beginners and all levels


or phone GINA on 0400 598 059

SUN 31st MARCH 2019

Echo Wu was born in Nanjing China and studied Chinese
Brush Painting, majoring in Flower and Bird style, in the
Fine Art Department of Nanjing University where she
became one of the most outstanding student ever taught
by Projessor Lu Yuezi. Echo has more than 10 years
experience teaching in Singapore & Australia.


2019 Workshops Details

Upcoming workshops in 2019

Dates and details: TBA


Workshops in the past have been run by ,June Barnett,  Agate Lelek , Max Wilks , Ross Paterson , Robert Wade , John Dudley , Barbara McManus , Do Noble , Lyn Mellady , Paul McDonald Smith , Sue Jarvis , Ev Hales , Malcolm Beattie , Charlie Tong , John Orlando Birt, Robert Knight, Ron Muller, Grace Paleg, Deborah Hildebrand and many others.



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