Young Adult Paint and Sip Workshop – Thursday 18th January 2024

The Emerald Arts Society is inviting young adults to attend a Paint and Sip Workshop  on Thursday the 18th of January 1pm to 4pm  This workshop is for 15 to 19 years old and is an alcohol free event.

Where: Emerald Arts Society, Cnr Church & Anne Sts, Emerald
When: Thursday the 18th of January 1pm to 4pm
Alcohol free event
All materials, food and refreshments provided
Cost : $20 Payment via EFT
BSB 633000 Acc 196 696 249
Please reference your payment with your surname followed by PSWS

To book contact Wendy
0408 553325

Book early as there is a limit on numbers!


2023 Workshop: Aspects of Self with Paul Macklin

[29-30th April] On the back of last year’s very successful 2-day workshop Paul Macklin will once again be holding a 2-day workshop called “Aspects of Self “.

This is one not to be missed and will book out fast. Spaces are limited to a max of 12 students per day.

If you can only come to one day that is ok – fees will be 50%.

Booking details on attached flyer. 


Workshop: From Drawing To Painting with Paul Macklin

Sat/Sun 15/16 October, 2022.

Chasing abstraction in the landscape. 

Paul’s art path has been an exploratory journey from drawing to painting, a creative adventure rich with struggles, lessons and personal discovery. This hands on, weekend workshop, unpacks the key practical and creative insights of that journey and gives participants a pathway, tools and perspectives to extend their current drawing, painting and creative practice.

Day One – explores graphic and linear approaches to the semi-abstracted landscape, investigating the expressive use of line to build formal design and perspective qualities in the work. We begin with drawing and then, with mixed-media, guide the drawing towards painting.

Day Two – focuses on more direct painting, developing a tone shape approach, exploring the impact of light modeling form and colour and mark making as emotion.



Workshop Flyer for Drawing to Painting with Paul Macklin

Date: Sat/Sun 15/16 October, 2022.

Location: EAS Studio, Emerald. Cnr Church & Anne Sts.

Time: 10.oo am — 4.00 pm

Cost: $160 members, $195 non-members

Materials list provided at booking.

Workshop bookings: Contact Marg/Kara by emailing


The Teacher: Paul passionately coaches and inspires the creative possibilities in every person he meets. He has expressed his creativity as poet, musician, potter, painter, actor, graphic designer, creative director, art teacher and as the founding director of Amazing People. Paul paints, teaches and exhibits from his studio and gallery, Art Farm, on the NSW Central Coast.

See Paul’s art at Paul Macklin Artist on Instagram.


>> Download the Printable Flyer



Workshop: Colour Mixing using Acrylics

Saturday 27th August, 2022.

Have you ever struggled with mixing colours? Come and join us for a fun, hands on colour mixing workshop focused on increasing confidence in selecting suitable colours, mixing the colour you desire and achieving greater colour harmony in your paintings. We will be working in Acrylics with a limited pallet but principals are relevant to all mediums.

Flyer for workshop - Colour mixing using Acrylics with Evie Czarnecki

Date: Saturday 27th August, 2022.

Location: EAS Studio, Emerald. Cnr Church & Anne Sts.

Time: 10.oo am — 4.00 pm

Cost: $80 members, $115 non-members

Level: Beginners to Intermediate.

Provided: Paint

Bring: Visual diary for painting swatches, flat brush, small pallet knife, mixing pallet (disposable pallet or meat tray ok), paper towel, note book, water jar and lunch.

The Teacher: Evie’s art background started in decorative art which she taught for a few years, mainly working in acrylics. She enjoys art and sharing it with others so she got involved for some time in street art, working on her own designs in public places. Evie has continued painting and for the last 5 years, working in acrylic doing mainly landscapes in both realism as well as abstract. She enjoys high colour and focus on capturing the feeling and how it speaks to her.


Workshop bookings: Contact Marg/Kara by emailing 



Workshop: Watercolour Painting with Antoinette Blyth

Monday 20th June, 2022.

Enjoy a one-day workshop to paint the beauty of flowers/still life, relying on flowers in bloom at the time of the workshop.

With a passion for painting flowers as a Realist impressionist, Antoinette hopes to impart some of the ways to depict the subject using wet into wet techniques.

Includes discussion on composition, light source, subject, pigments for first wash, choosing wet or dry for next steps. Learn about establishing the first foliage, brush stroke technique, clashing colours, shadows, using “darks” to bring out the light, connecting the whole picture, background, and more.

Antoinette hopes to impart these skills in a manner that encourages confidence, individuality and success in an environment that is tranquil and enjoyable.

Flyer for Watercolour Painting Workshop with Antoinette Blyth

Date: Monday 20th June, 2022

Location: EAS Studio, Emerald. Cnr Church & Anne Sts.

Time: 10.oo am — 3.30 pm

Cost: $60 members, $95 non-members

Level: Some watercolour experience required.

Bring: Watercolour paints, brushes and paper (Download Antoinette’s suggested material list here). BYO lunch. Tea and coffee provided.


Tutor: Antoinette Blyth is an artist, tutor, and art judge, residing in Melbourne, Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Education and Dip. T.

Drawn to the transparency and beauty of the many ways to paint with watercolour, she has more than twenty-five years experience imparting the skills of watercolour painting to adults.

Antoinette has work represented around Australia, and overseas, and has won many awards and commendations for her watercolour painting.


Workshop bookings: Contact Marg by emailing 



Workshop: Fantasy Drawing with Kenny Chan

Saturday 9th July, 2022.

In this 3 hour workshop, learn some simple tips to draw fantasy characters and creatures like elves, dwarves and dragons. We will cover little tricks to drawing items like armour and magic effects as well.

Flyer for Kenny Chan Fantasy Drawing Workshop - 9th July 2022

Date: Saturday 9th July, 2022

Location: EAS Studio, Emerald. Cnr Church & Anne Sts.

Time: 1.oo pm — 4.00 pm

Cost: $20 members, $30 non-members

Level: Ages 10 years and over

Provided: Paper and pencils will be provided, but you can bring your own sketchbooks and drawing materials if you like.


Tutor: Kenny Chan — Kenny is a freelance artist who has been teaching Manga and Comic Drawing at schools and libraries since 2003. Over the years he has worked on an array of areas including animation, comics and video games.


Early bookings are essential as this class is limited to 25 students only! 


Bookings: Contact Wendy on 0408 553 325 or email

Payment can be made via EFT to:
Emerald Arts Society Business A/C
BSB No: 063842
Acct. No: 10036074
Please use reference: your surname followed by ‘D&D’, eg. ‘JonesD&D’


Workshop: Serigraphy (Silk Screen Printing)

Saturday 18th June, 2022.

Andy Warhol made a resurgence in the popularity of silk screen printing with his Campbell soup cans and prints of Marilyn Monroe.

In this workshop, we will be cutting a series of stencils which will adhere to the silk and then ink will be pressed through with a squeegee onto paper or fabric. You can make more than one print in the day.

Serigraphy Silk Screen Printing Workshop

Date: Saturday 18th June, 2022

Location: EAS Studio, Emerald. Cnr Church & Anne Sts.

Time: 10.00 am — 4.00 pm

Cost: $150 members, $185 non-members

Level: Open to beginners or any level Adults and Students (min 16yrs)

Please book early as numbers are limited! 

Provided: Art materials, morning and afternoon tea will be supplied.

Bring: Your own lunch. If you want to print onto material bring a washed tee shirt, hessian bag, tea towel or apron. Also bring any sketches or photographs so you can make your stencils.


Tutor: Gina Miller — Gina has been an educator and practicing artist in Australia, USA, Canada, and the UK. Her abstract painting is experimental, spontaneous and full of energy often combined with a mix of other media.

Gina also does Chinese Brush Painting where she focuses on native plants and animals. She is experienced in a number of printmaking arts and techniques.

Bookings: Contact Gina on 0400 598 059 or email