Sat/Sun 15/16 October, 2022.

Chasing abstraction in the landscape. 

Paul’s art path has been an exploratory journey from drawing to painting, a creative adventure rich with struggles, lessons and personal discovery. This hands on, weekend workshop, unpacks the key practical and creative insights of that journey and gives participants a pathway, tools and perspectives to extend their current drawing, painting and creative practice.

Day One – explores graphic and linear approaches to the semi-abstracted landscape, investigating the expressive use of line to build formal design and perspective qualities in the work. We begin with drawing and then, with mixed-media, guide the drawing towards painting.

Day Two – focuses on more direct painting, developing a tone shape approach, exploring the impact of light modeling form and colour and mark making as emotion.



Workshop Flyer for Drawing to Painting with Paul Macklin

Date: Sat/Sun 15/16 October, 2022.

Location: EAS Studio, Emerald. Cnr Church & Anne Sts.

Time: 10.oo am — 4.00 pm

Cost: $160 members, $195 non-members

Materials list provided at booking.

Workshop bookings: Contact Marg/Kara by emailing


The Teacher: Paul passionately coaches and inspires the creative possibilities in every person he meets. He has expressed his creativity as poet, musician, potter, painter, actor, graphic designer, creative director, art teacher and as the founding director of Amazing People. Paul paints, teaches and exhibits from his studio and gallery, Art Farm, on the NSW Central Coast.

See Paul’s art at Paul Macklin Artist on Instagram.


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